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Our Child Care Philosophy

The New School at Chambers Bay Early Learning Program

Purpose, Goals, and Philosophy

The New School at Chambers Bay aims to provide a high-quality, developmentally relevant, and spiritually-based educational experience for young children in an encouraging, compassionate, and welcoming environment. We uphold and operate under our core value of dignity: that each child is worthy of respect and created in the image of God.

Our leaders and early learning professionals of over 30+ years approach education through discovery, curiosity, and developmentally appropriate guided instruction, resulting in learners who are prepared for Kindergarten and future school success. Ultimately, our purpose is to grow children personally, socially, academically, physically, and spiritually, while also providing a supportive, encouraging environment. By approaching learning through individuality and self-confidence, each child is encouraged to progress at their own pace toward enriched experiences, self-discipline, and the ability to make good choices.

Our thorough individual portfolio system gives parents clear information as to how children are progressing in meeting significant developmental milestones and in achieving essential learning targets necessary for future school success.

Our goal of developing various values and teachings for each child includes these four aspects:

Wings of Educational Philosophy

Our goal is to develop the whole child by providing an educational experience of lasting value focused on four aspects of child development:

Personal and Social Maturity:

Our staff's goal is to assist in helping children continue to develop positive character traits, social maturity, and faith-based attitudes through our optimistic behavior training. These 3 R's include:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationship

Through this teaching, we have seen children develop self-help and problem-solving skills, as well as empathy for others by participating in group activities and learning exercises.

Intellectual Development:

In our learner-focused environments, The New School at Chambers Bay strives to prepare, motivate, and inspire children to have a positive approach to lifelong discovery learning. Our classroom environments are learner-centered atmospheres carefully planned and arranged purposefully to stimulate learning, foster creativity and to make our curriculum come alive for the child. Hands-on activities and engaging activities encourage each child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn.

Our team addresses children’s diverse learning styles through our curricular focus on the following subjects:

  • Reading + writing
  • Language + literacy
  • Numbers + math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music

Physical Development:

Physical activity is designed to develop large and fine motor skills, as well as visual-motor skills, which is why this focus is vital in our learning approach. A designated time for your child to play and exercise both through our outdoor and indoor play areas is incorporated into each day, furthering the essential time to learn physically and build friendships.

Faith-Based Integration:

Biblical-based gatherings, lessons, music, and prayer times nurture faith in young children and give each child an awareness of God’s love for them. By integrating a worldview of faith through our curriculum and learning environment, our teachers will help children develop Christ-centered character qualities, as well as historical knowledge. Our approach is to model our beliefs through the lives of our staff members, furthering through their relationships with the children.

We believe that God has given parents the responsibility of raising their children to love and serve Him; it is our desire partner with the parents in teaching and guiding their children.